Registration & Download in 4 steps

easy register

To download individual audio files or an entire album, you have first to register by TFM under the menu button LOGIN, please press REGISTER. Please fill out all register fields.
After you are successfully registered, you have to LogIn, pressing the menu button LOGIN. Enter your username and password. Now you are successfully logged in.
After Login in the main view of an album appears a red ZIP icon under each album cover. Here you can download the entire album (mp3/320kB), including the associated metadata list and the album cover in best quality.
You can also download a single title. Under each audio wave of a title you will find a gray download button for download the audio file.

Important informations for Sync Rights

The desired titles can be found under Search. For usage worldwide in Television and Radio (National Use, besides advertising and AOB, please see price list) TFM music is worldwide free of charge. You only have to register the composition with Gema (German society for musical performing and mechanical reproduction). All information about the music tracks can be found under Metadata. For cinema movies, IT versions, events, image movie, audiobook, games, internet etc. (International Use) please fill in the License Application and send it to We will send you our offer immediately. Please ask for our free TFM USB flash drive with our complete music catalog.