TFM on spotify Playlist

DOLPHINS REPRISE from the the label Soundtracks TFM has been featured on Spotify’s CLASSICAL NEW RELEASES playlist. More

1,000,000 streams

With SOUNDTRACKS TFM and currently 22 original soundtracks, TFM has already reached over 1,000,000 streams in 6 months. The TFM catalog currently includes over 2,400 titles and 56 albums and is represented on over 30 German TV stations. More

TFM GROWTH of + 65%

Thanks to the cooperation with BMAT, Soundmouse and Soundfile, TUNESforMOVIES was able to significantly expand digital fingerprint controlling last half of the year and was able to increase sales to + 65% compared to 2019. The most successful albums in More


With “Die Udo Honig Story” Soundtracks TFM releases its 21st worldwide digital soundtrack album. In total, TFM has released in 3 1/2 years more than 53 production music albums and 21 soundtrack albums. More


SOUNDTRACKS TFM has just released the 20th soundtrack album “For ever & ever”. Since the start of SOUNDTRACKS TFM in November 2019, over 250,000 streams have been generated on spotify. More

Coming soon: CITY TALKS

Coming soon  new TFM Album CITY TALKS Moods for Cities, Traffic, Cars, Streets, Peoples, Stock Market, Malls, Shops, Restaurants, Buildings. More

New Soundtrack Album THE POWER

THE POWER. Brand new release Original Motion Picture Soundtrack For the first time is being released worldwide the indie alternative horror film music for the English film THE POWER by director Paul Hills. The music was written by composer Marcel More

TFM soundtrack: THE SEA WOLF

THE SEA WOLF Original Television Soundtrack soundtrack TFM released today the 13th soundtrack, worldwide available on all digital stores: spotify, amazon, youtube music, apple music. Digital remastering with better sound quality. Soundtrack in a English version. Based on the novel More


TFM is successfully represented in national and international versions of German feature film productions with TFM SONG albums, e.g. in the historical ZDF TV series PRIZE FREEDOM by director Michael Krummenbacher. New partners like the agency DAYDREAM, Wiedemann & Berg More